About The Women’s Committee

Women have worked in the construction trades, including IBEW for decades. While our numbers are still relatively small, our presence is positively growing. IBEW Local 353 Women’s Committee has been around for more than fifteen years. We are a group of women who attend because the Committee is a safe place for women to gather to talk about job site issues, family issues and general life issues, in a straight forward and honest way. It is a place to be heard without judgement and holds a wealth of information and experience to draw on.

The Women’s Committee has goals of building solidarity with each other and within our IBEW Local and Union; fostering awareness of the benefits of working in the skilled trades and the value women bring to the workplace; facilitating personal and professional growth in our industry; and enabling empowerment of our members across the construction and building trades.

The Women’s Committee meets on each third Wednesday of the month, 5:30 p.m. at the 1377 Lawrence Avenue East Union hall.

Women’s Committee Chair:
Sister Karen Pullen, Business Representative/ East Training Facility Dispatcher