Direct Entry

Starting in 2020, the public can apply for an electrical apprenticeship directly with the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance.  Visit their website,, for details.

Can my employer sign their company with the IBEW? Yes, and if they do, you will be invited to apply for membership.


What about sponsorship? Can an electrical contractor sponsor me to be an apprentice?

Yes. Hundreds of electrical contractors are partnered with the IBEW.

Whatever else they may have hired you to do, your employer may apply to sponsor you as an electrical apprentice.

Supply & Demand

If the IBEW is unable to fill a request for licensed electricians, the contractor may hire an electrician directly: conditions do apply.


Can I ask the IBEW to represent me at my place of work?
Yes, yes and yes. Growing numbers of men and woman believe being represented by a union just makes sense. You might find us at a conference, career fair, on your job or in the street.
Wherever you see the IBEW symbol feel free to say hi, ask a question and get to know us.