Electronics – Level I

Can you read a discrete component electronic schematic? Could you design a feedback regulated linear power supply? If not, then come out and take part in this exciting new course. This hands-on, experiment-oriented course begins with the basics and progresses to advanced topics with minimal math emphasis. This course is geared to enable individuals to continue building enhanced electronic circuits and develop their design know-how while working at a casual pace.

Students will learn about active filters, multistage power amplifiers, voltage controlled oscillators, Schmitt triggers, thyristors and more by constructing discrete device and op-amp circuits from scratch. Throughout the creation of these projects, students will develop troubleshooting skills by working with test and measurement equipment such as bench lab power supplies, function generators, analog and digital oscilloscopes.

In addition to prototyping working circuits on breadboards, students will develop hardware assembly expertise by soldering, testing and troubleshooting a simple functional digital test instrument.