Inventing with Programmable Microchips

Have you noticed how many devices are programmable in our modern society? Have you ever wondered what acts as the brains of these devices? If you are curious about microchips and want to learn how to program them then this is the course for you.

A microchip is a circuit board mounted device without the infrastructure to switch large loads or handle signals over 5Vdc. What that means is you get to design your own control architecture from scratch and learn some fundamental lessons in the process. The delivery of this course is 100% hands on – you build, program and debug your own circuits. As well as following a textbook, you will learn where all of the great on-line resources are to assist you with developing projects.

Some of the devices we will learn to interface are stepper motors, servos, LEDs,photoresistorsandotheranalogdevices. Thiscourseisintendedto be an eye opener to those without any programming or electronics knowledge, and fun and challenging to individuals who already know a few programming languages.